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Choosing A Baby Name: Names for Success And Most Popular Baby Names

Choosing a baby name is usually a highly prioritized item on the baby planning agenda. Parents spend a great deal of time nowadays pouring over baby name books and baby name websites, trying out sounds, seeking out meanings, hopeful that the right name will bounce right off the page, clear and obvious, as if it was meant for their child all along, as if it was fate.

Is a name a random characteristic of a person or does it affect a person's destiny? William Shakespeare so famously said, "What's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Did Shakespeare have a point or can a name influence a person's life? It has been suggested that the perception of oneself and the perception of others' based on a person's name may affect the way one carries themselves through life and the way that person is treated.

With that in mind, I have compiled a list of the most common boys and girls names of successful people:

Boys                           Girls
1. Steven                    1. Jacqueline
2. Ross                       2. Morgan
3. Christopher             3. Elizabeth
4. James                     4. Katherine
5. Robert                    5. Victoria  
If you're looking for today's most popular baby names, you'll find that the trend is a shift away from highly original and unique names towards more classic names.

The following is a list of today's top 10 most popular baby names for boys and girls, including their origins. These names have earned their top positions as they have withstood the test of time. 

Baby Name Origin
1. Noah (unisex)  Hebrew (Biblical) - Noah's ark 
Meaning: Rest, Comfort
2. Liam Irish
prior to 1066 C.E.
Meaning: Desire, Guardian, Protector
3. Ethan Hebrew (Biblical)
Meaning: Strong, Safe, Firm
4. Mason French
Used in middle ages by stoneworkers
5. Lucas   Greek, from Latin "lucius" meaning
"the bright one" or "the one  born at dawn";
Appears in Ancient inscriptions, prior to 70 C.E.
Meaning: Light
6. Oliver French, from Latin "olivarius",
at least 11th century
Meaning: Olive tree planter 
7. Aiden (unisex) Irish and Scottish Gaelic,
400 B.C.E.
Meaning: Fiery One  
8. Elijah  Named after Jewish Prophet
9th Century B.C.E.       
Meaning: The Lord is my G-d
9. James Derived from Hebrew name "Jacob",
Appears in New Testament
Meaning: Supplanter, One who follows
10. Benjamin Hebrew (Biblical)
Meaning: Son of my right hand
Baby Name Origin
1. Emma Derived from German,
at least 10th century C.E.
Meaning: Whole, Universal
2. Olivia  Derived from Latin "oliva",
at least 13th century C.E.
Meaning: olive
3. Ava German, may have derived from Latin "avis" meaning
bird" or may be a short form of the Hebrew form of the  
name Eve, "Chava", meaning "life"or "living one",
at least 9th century C.E.
4. Sophia  Greek
Middle ages
Meaning: Wisdom
5. Isabella Hebrew, Variation of Isabel, Elizabeth
at least 13th century C.E.
Meaning: My G-d is an oath, Pledged to G-d
6. Mia Latin, Hebrew, Scandinavian
at least 17th Century C.E.
Meaning: Mine, Wished-for child, Beautiful
7. Charlotte French, female version of name Charles,
at least 18th Century C.E.
Meaning: Strong, Virile, Vigorous
8. Amelia Latin
at least 7th century C.E.
Meaning: Industrious, Striving
9. Harper Scottish, Originally a last name which appears
as early as 18th century C.E.
Meaning: Someone who plays the harp, Pleasant, Brave
10. Abigail  Hebrew (Biblical)
Meaning: The father's joy

Whatever name you and your significant other choose for your baby, remember that the process, albeit one to take seriously, should be fun as well and should be entirely your own. Don't let others influence your decision with unsolicited criticism. You are the parent(s) after all and you are best suited to provide the most fitting name for your child.

Please leave a comment below with the names you have chosen for your child(ren), and how you picked them.

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